My Vision of Daddy/babygirl

About this post

In ageplay, the Daddy Dom archetype is the counterpart to the babygirl. It is the Daddy’s responsibility is to craft a sexual journey for his babygirl; to present her opportunities for an awakening to her kinks and fetishes.

The often misunderstood ageplay component, in my experience, is not so much incestuous or paedophile-ridden, it is instead a way to describe the dynamic between two complimentary and distinct sexual styles.  BDSM play can often be rough and brutal.  With the Daddy/babygirl dynamic, play can still be hard or contain sadomasochistic elements, but it usually is offered from Daddy to babygirl in a more “fatherly” way.

You don’t have to think of the relationship so much as Daddy-daughter, but more as possessing the qualities many dominant men neglect to share with their lovers: care, coddling, guidance, protection, discipline, teaching, playfulness, cuddling, as well as introducing new steps in her sexual development.

The attraction I have to a woman acting childlike or at an age well below the “normal” age of sexual awakening is more difficult to explain.  I see it as one might view art. When you look at a painting or even a well edited photograph, there are exaggerations that bring the art to life. Exaggeration is the spice to this kind of art.

Cross-dressers do it all the time: a little extra make-up, exaggerated ultra-feminine dress, pouting lips, huge stuffed bras. You see my point?

So when a woman well past the age my innermost lusts dresses and acts, say 4 years old, it is that contrast of her actions and look that counters her real world “age.” She becomes to me, for all intents and purposes, the happy medium between her biological age (of consent) and her ageplay age (well below my ideal): the otherwise “illegal” time of sexual awakening.

It is no secret and quite obvious that I am attracted to the “teenager” look. I would venture to say most straight men are but for countless reasons are afraid to admit it.  Trust me, a person’s libido and sexual desires are not influenced by what the laws happen to be. The age of consent is different in Canada. Does this mean a 17 year old stripper in Canada is perfectly okay for us to lust over, but when she strolls down into the United States we are no longer allowed to feel attraction towards her?

Using that logic, are homosexuals not supposed to find each other attractive until gay marriage is legalized?

From my experience, the babygirl archetype is very difficult to cultivate and for most women is often utilized in short segments of playtime or periods of subspace. It is rare that a woman falls into it naturally, but when I have seen it it just feels “right” to share my Daddy tendencies with her!

A Daddy can be a Dom.  A Daddy can be a Master.  A Daddy can be a Sadist.  I’m a little bit of all of those.   But deep down I am a Daddy.  This is how I identify. My perfect sexual match is being the counterpart to a babygirl. This does not preclude me from those other wonderful sexual experiences, it just helps better define how I relate.