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So Who is This "DaddyO" Anyway?:

Basically, I am a flirt.

Some find my flirting charming. Others find it confusing. Still others find it annoying or off-putting. Hell, some even find it creepy. But one thing's for sure, I pretty much flirt with everyone.

I speak my mind, and my mind has no limits.

Since I am so open myself, I sometimes find it difficult to understand why other people don't share the same about themselves. This is something I work on constantly. I have developed a fetish for this curious bewilderment.

Since I am a heterosexual white cis-gendered male dominant with a small dick who can't get it up whose lust gravitates towards younger women, one might be tempted to call me common, ordinary and average.

Think again...

Here are a few things that I think make me out of the ordinary:

I am a dominant man with a submissive personality I am polyamorous (I love more than one person at a time) and poly-partnered yet have a desire for commitment I am a self-proclaimed narcissist I am a Daddy Dom with a babygirl fetish I am very open and my honesty is sometimes to a fault I am a hedonist but not so much so that I want to live on fun without stability I am a reaction junkie I am a situational sadist I have a craving for control and power exchange I am a former "born-again" Christian and current anti-Christian atheist-leaning agnostic I am a Libertarian Socialist in the political arena and am registered in the Oregon Progressive Party

Add all of this together and you get pretty much anything from nervous controversy to sheer entertainment!

As a reaction junkie, I love to learn the things that make people react. Some people enjoy taking apart computers and seeing how they work. I like doing this with people (and, no, not in the Dr. Frankenstein sorta way).

Although diagnosed with ADD, I feel as though I am a good listener but tend to require things explained several times to me before I can remember. I also need to understand something before I accept it. To add insult to injury, my memory tends to be selective.

So even though I may have a difficult time remembering names, I can quote you almost any line from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (which, by the way, is the greatest movie of all time).

I require any woman who submits or bottoms to me to be very expressive of her needs, almost to a fault.

Over share?

PLEASE! ...I do.

I am extremely creative and have many roles in need of filling, thus the opportunities to join me in play are boundless.

There are many things I derive pleasure from when I am able to guide a woman sensually under my control. In play I often utilize aggressive, rough, abrupt and unpredictable play, generally balancing it out with humor.

I enjoy any sort of resistance play, whether it is utilizing cuffs, using my bare hands or directing a group to overpower you. But you won’t find me testing my patience with rope bondage (my ADD prevents that).

I have a collection of buggy whips, paddles, canes, crops, floggers and other toys I have gathered at various thrift stores and vendor's fairs to round out my impact play arsenal.

With the right female I get pleasure sexualizing our experience with Hitachi magic wands, vibrators, dildos and other sensation devices for genital stimulation. I fuck on occasion too, and absolutely love dirtying up a clean cunt via cunnilingus.

I am aroused by the senses, thus the sights, sounds, touch, smell and taste of pleasure that emanates when joyful pain or orgasmic sensuality is delivered. Providing sensations for a woman's enjoyment is an intense rush. Some of my favorite activities are administering bare handed OTK spankings and manipulating the g-spot to provide squirting orgasms.

I enjoy learning how each woman I play with achieves her unique sensual/sexual release, and realize there is not one right way for a woman to achieve an orgasm. I have many techniques and enjoy experimenting with all of them.

As a gentle Daddy, I covet cool down time and aftercare. I enjoy giving soft caresses, scalp massage and erotic back tickling in cuddle time, and absolutely love bringing a woman back from subspace into a quiet, relaxing intimacy that is indescribable.

Role play is another specialty of mine. The Daddy/babygirl scenario is my favorite, but I love to explore all the fantasies of anyone I play with.

I concentrate on many taboos like religious desecration and artistic performance. Anything outrageous or unexpected is fair game for my creative mind.

I also can enjoy extreme degradation play with bottoms who are consenting and this sort of play is not a primary desire of mine.

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