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New Look!

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The old look
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The Kink Realm has a new look! This new theme design is (hopefully!) cleaner, more streamlined and easier to follow. Link colors have been normalized, sections more well-defined and background colors brightened.

If you’re ever lost while reading a post, there is now a breadcrumb trail of links to help guide you back to the start of your browsing. There are featured images representing the posts to help give you a visual cue. Although there are new site features, the actual articles have been simplified some to make them easier to read.

Behind the scenes, the search function has been greatly improved to return more relevant results, the commenting system is more intuitive and the menus are less obtrusive. And for you geeks, the entire site is responsive and should render well among all (fingers crossed) devices.

Please excuse any bugs you may find; this site is being worked on regularly. To make it better the next time you visit, you can help by reporting any bugs using the Contact Form.

There’s a new logo!

If you’d like to link to The Kink Realm, have a look at the logo options provided on the Logos & Linking page… and thanks!

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