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The FAQs on this page apply to the 2012 Self-made Kink Contest and may be altered for the upcoming 2013 contest.

1 - General

Who can enter

Any individual is welcome to enter the contest whether you consider yourself to be “kinky” or other. Groups, companies and other multi-person entities are ineligible.

For privacy, you are welcome to use your online/screen name. Your personal information only need be given to a sponsor in the case you win the contest and for the purpose of receiving your prize.

Multiple entries

You are welcome to enter the contest as many times as you’d like providing the following:

  • Each entry is individual – Please do not group together items meant to be used separately like a shoe, feather and roll of tape. Entries should make sense, so to speak.
  • Each entry complies with the guidelines of the contest.

How to enter

Use this link: (2012 contest over / link removed). If you run into any issues, please use the Contact Form to let us know right away.

Dates and deadlines

The contest entry phase begins on Saturday, November 3, 2012 and runs for 4 weeks, ending at midnight EST on Saturday, December 8, 2012. Judging begins immediately and continues throughout the contest, ending at midnight EST on Saturday, December 8, 2012.

2 - Prizes

Sponsors & prize information

Big thanks! to our wonderful 2012 contest sponsors and for offering such great prizes for this contest! Check out the prizes on the contest page.

Keep checking back for information about 2013 contest sponsors! If you have a business (large or small) and would like to be featured here (throughout TKR site, on Twitter, on FetLife and others) prominently, please send a quick note through the Contact form, and thanks!

3 - Judging


Judging will be done by public vote. Viewers can vote for unlimited entries, clicking on the stars (ranked 1-5) on each entry page (once voting opens). The entries with the highest vote totals will receive the 1st place position and award, and so forth. Be sure to enhance your entry to gain attention and votes, and be sure to send your friends to your entry page to vote for you!

Tip for Voters:

There is only positive voting, so clicking 1 star doesn’t take away from an entry’s vote ranking, it adds +1 to their ranking. If you’d like to boost a friend’s entry over another, vote on both entries (or ALL entries), giving your friend’s entry more stars than the others.

Who will win? / How to vote!

Ultimately, the winners will be chosen by the highest vote total. Of course, the more people who vote for an entry, the better. Here are some thoughts that may help an entry receive higher rankings:

  • Is the item something I would like to have as part of my toy/tool/other collection?
  • Is the item nice looking and well put together?
  • Did the entrant put a little time and effort into this creation?
  • Did my buddy send me here to vote for their entry? :-) (perfectly valid reason)


In the case of a tie at any level of judging, the sponsors will break the tie by vote. Decisions of the sponsors are final and binding. In the event there are not enough eligible entries, not all prizes will be awarded. If a potential winner is unable for whatever reason to accept his or her prize, then the sponsors reserve the right to award the prize to another entrant.

Criteria: Function

Function refers mostly to the usability of the item. Completed items can even be classified as a “proof of concept.” While there is no requirement your item pass any durability test, it should appear to be well put together enough to be used at least once.

Criteria: Form

Form describes how well the item is put together as well as how aesthetically appealing it is. Choose nice colors, snip off ragged ends and scrape off the sticky price tags in order to excel in this category!

Criteria: Creativity

paddle ballCreativity is complete subjective, but an item with some effort put into it will do well in this category. You can certainly find a paddle ball toy, remove the ball and enter the paddle as your completed item, but it may not rank high in creativity! But hey, that paddle could serve well as a base for something spectacular.

Note: Your item can be a complete clone of an existing item or something completely unique. It can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. It’s up to you!

4 - Requirements

Items and supplies

ALL items, supplies and other MUST come from a dollar store.

The parts: From detailed authentic ancient swords (not likely found at the $1 store!) to that 1″ piece of duct tape, all parts must be of no greater value than (or priced above) one dollar. The maximum number of items that can be used is 10. There is no minimum amount.

The store: The term “dollar store” refers to any store where ALL the merchandise is priced at $1. On occasion, you may find a $0.99 store. That would also qualify for the purpose of this contest. Stores with a variation of the name “dollar” do not qualify for this contest including, but not limited to, Family Dollar and Dollar General.


One picture is required to enter the contest. You may add up to 4 pictures with your entry, but the *FIRST* picture should be your main contest entry picture showing your completed item. Please make this picture at least 300 pixels wide and under 1 MB in size.

5 - Options

Sample Entry

Click to view a sample entry.

Type of item

Your item can be most anything that is at least kink-inspired. Some types to choose from include insertables, impact, restraint and attire. Feel free to step outside of these 4 types. You’re only limited by your imagination and what’s available at your local dollar store.

Name your item

You’ve taken the time to make a nice new item. Now how about giving it a special name! “The Punisher” is always an option, but try to avoid something like “The Flat Thing That Hits an Ass.” Tip: optionally use your name (or the name of your muse) as part of the item’s name to make it unique.

Describe your item

Let us know something about your item. Sometimes what one person sees in a picture is totally not what others see. Tell us how your item feels, smells, how light or heavy it is, how it makes a sound when you swing it, how the color you chose is symbolic of something, etc. Also (optionally) include how you expect it to function — is it for sensation play, impact play, is it something to wear, or perhaps does it restrain?

Describe your process

Fill us in on the steps you took to complete your item. Was it easy as pie? Does it require a PhD degree to make? What part of the process stumped you or surprised you? You don’t have to give us the formula to your youth potion (I’d like to have a copy of that, please), but an overview of how your creation came to life would be great.

Provide pictures of your process

Take lots of great shots of the steps you took to completion and upload them along with your entry. You can upload up to 4 pictures, so click away! Tip: feel free to snap a shot of all the items you used as well as the final completed item.

Provide video of your item

Go all out with a little video of your item! Video can include: (1) a clip of the steps you took to complete your item, (2) a clip of the completed item and it’s intentional use, (3) a clip of your item IN use!